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Vignette for Mia Yim who says she is bringing a whole new style to the game. We see clips of Yim from her previous matches in the Mae Young Classic.

Mia Yim vs Aliyah

Aliyah is out first followed by the debuting Mia Yim. Aliyah almost immediately gets dumped out to the floor, Aliyah drops Yim’s neck over the ropes. She drops Yim, hits a couple elbow drops, cover for a two-count. Aliyah working over Yim’s neck, but she fights out of it. Aliyah leaps on Yim and lands a few punches on her face before covering for a two.

Aliyah with a running elbow in the corner, lands a bunch of punches and is getting all of the offense thus far in the match. Northern lights suplex by Aliyah, two-count. Aliyah with another submission, gets backed into the corner. Yim with some kicks followed by a running double dropkick to the corner. Yim with a kick to the face followed up with a cannonball senton. Yim sets up Aliyah for her finisher, Soul Food for the win.

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