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The Dollhouse vs Gail Kim, Velvet Sky & Madison Rayne

Jade and Gail start us off, with a quick brawl. Gail with a flying headscissors followed up with an arm drag. Jade misses a corner strike but nails a headscissors take down, then hits Gail with a series of stiff kicks to the chest. Gail ducks one and connects with a kick to Jade’s back, and both girls climb up to try and grab some of the weapons hanging at the top. They both tumble to the mat at the same time, they get up and knock each other out with a double clothesline as we go to commercial.

We’re back as Gail boots Jade in the face and unloads with hard forearms and a running clothesline. The clock counts down, and Marti Bell is in next. She stomps Gail down in the corner, then she and Jade work Gail over until the clock counts down again and Velvet Sky comes in and take out Marti and Jade. Velvet bulldogs Marti and works her over with kicks in the corner, while the clock counts down to Rebel entering last to complete the Dollhouse team, and she hits some impressive kicks and takedowns. She climbs up, gets a pan, and hits Gail with it, then whips Jade and Marti into Velvet in the corner before hitting a springboard elbow of her own. The clock counts down for the final entry, Maria Kanellis runs down in her ring gear…then shakes her head and walks off, locking the door behind her and leaves Velvet and Gail to fight off The Dollhouse. Velvet tries to fight back on her own as Gail is down in the corner, and she buys enough time for Gail to recover and join in the fight. They double flapjack Jade off the top rope, beat on Rebel with kendo sticks, and then Marti comes out and lays them both out with a pan. Marti gets a chair, but Gail kneesmashes her face before she can use it, then hits Eat DaFeet on Rebel. She makes a cover, Jade breaks it up at 2 with a kendo stick, and gives Gail a package piledriver on a chair for the win.

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