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#1 Contender’s Gauntlet Match: Jade vs Gail Kim vs Madison Rayne vs Allie vs Marti Bell vs Sienna vs Madison Rayne

Jade and Allie come out to start the match, but Maria tells Allie she’s not in this because she’s not a wrestler, so she’ll be replaced by Laurel Van Ass. Okay, then. Jade and Laurel trade shots, and Laurel actually gets the better of the exchange as Sienna enters at #3. The two of them work Jade over until Gail enters at #4 and evens the odds. She destroys both of Maria’s girls, but then Sienna takes Gail’s head off with a lariat and stomps her out in the corner. Marti Bell comes in at #5 and goes after Jade, and shoves Laurel Van Ass out of the way when she tries to help out. Raquel is in next at #6 and actually takes Sienna out with a flying headscissors and then dropkicks Laurel Van Ass and Marti. Sienna catches her with a big boot and shoulderblocks in the corner as Madison Rayne comes in at #7 and we go to commercial.

We’re back, and everyone is still in the ring. They all take turns hitting finishers on each other until Laurel Van Ass dumps Madison to score the first elimination. Jade slams Marti and goes to the top, but Marti knocks her to the apron and bicycle kicks her to the floor. Laurel Van Ass immediately dumps Marti, and Jade rams Marti into the ringpost for good measure. Raquel has a sleeper on Sienna, but Sienna powers out and dumps Raquel to the floor. We’re down to Sienna, Laurel Van Ass, and Gail. Sienna and Laurel go to fight each other, but Maria jumps up on the apron and yells at Sienna as Allie tries to climb up on the apron at Maria’s orders. She pulls herself up on the ropes…and lowers them enough that Gail is able to dump Laurel Van Ass, and we’re down to Gail and Sienna. Maria chews Allie out as Sienna dumps Gail to the apron, but Gail makes it back in, so Sienna goes back to stomping her guts out. Sienna goes for the AK-47, but Gail counters to a sunset flip for 2. Sienna boots Gail into next week and sets up for the Silencer, but Gail blocks and hits Eat DaFeet, then covers for the win.

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Gail Kim & Jade vs Sienna & Allie

Sienna is chewing Allie out the entire way down to the ring while Allie has her sad puppy face on. Allie wants to start, but Sienna yanks her to their corner and orders her to get out. Gail jumps Sienna to start the match, and unloads with a flurry that has the former Knockouts Champion on the defensive. Allie tags herself in but quickly gets knocked to the floor where Sienna chews her out again, then tags herself in. Sienna catches Gail on a crossbody and suplexes her for 2. The crowd chants “we want Allie” as Sienna stomps Gail out, then shoves Allie out of the way when she tries to join in. Sienna hits a Samoan drop on Gail for 2, but Gail escapes the AK-47, hits a neckbreaker, and makes the hot tag to Jade. Allie tags herself in and goes for a double axhandle, but accidentally nails Sienna. Sienna responds by flattening Allie with the Silencer and lets Jade pin her.

Gail and Jade don’t look happy about what Sienna did, and help a confused Allie to her feet.

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5-Way Knockouts Title Match- Sienna Vs. Jade Vs. Madison Rayne Vs. Marti Bell Vs. Allie

 First pinfall wins. Not an elimination match. Allie stands by tentatively while all 4 women battle. Former Dollhouse members Jade and Bell battle to the outside while Sienna gets the upper hand on Rayne. Sienna tries to get Allie to help her do a tandem move but Allie fails in her attempt. The leader of The knockouts, Maria arrives at ringside to watch the action. Any sequence in this match where Sienna tries to enlist Allie’s help. It backfires.


The finishing sequence sees a frantic finish where all 5 women are in the ring trading finishers.Allie even gets in an offensive move of her own. Jade hits a package piledriver on Rayne and lays her out. Bell breaks up the fall. Bell pulls out her baton and tries to use it. Allie takes it away and accidentally hits Sienna with it. Which knocks her out of the ring. Bell regains hold of her baton and goes to hit Allie with it. She knocks Allie down on top of a fallen Madison Rayne and Allie gets the 3 count on Rayne to win The Knockouts title.

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Maria is backstage with Jade. She tells Jadethat if she doesn’t defeat Gail Kim tonight. She will never get another shot at The TNA Knockouts Title .


Jade vs Gail Kim

The stipulation put in place before the match is that the loser of this one will never challenge for the TNA Knockouts title again. Battle of friends being forced to face each other by “Knockouts Leader” Maria. Good back and forth action early on. Evenly matched with a fair share of counters and reversals. The action eventually spills to the outside. Gail Kim hits a variation of the 619 on Jade using the ring post. She follows that up trying to springboard off of the ropes onto Jade but is caught in mid air and Jade hits a gut buster. Both women struggle to get back on their feet and then into the ring. Action picks up after they both exchange strikes. Gail Kim hits a tilt a whirl head scissors, clothesline and senton that lead to a 2 count. She then climbs to the top rope and misses a cross body. After a martial arts kick by Jade on Kim. They both end up in a rolling small package that eventually rolls onto referee Earl Hebner. Both women struggle to their feet, Jade misses a kick. Gail counters with her finisher, Eat defeat. Just as she covers Jade for the potential victory. Sienna runs out and pulls Gail outside the ring. The referee calls for the bell and the disqualification. Sienna hits the AK 47 on Gail Kim on the outside floor. She then runs into the ring and hits the silencer on Jade.

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Gail Kim defeated Marti Belle via roll up after fighting off Allie.

After the match Maria, Allie, and Marti attacked Gail which promoted Jade to make the save drop kicking Marti and hitting Allie with an forearm. Once Jade cleared the ring Maria announced Jade vs Gail Kim for next week IMPACT.

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