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 Who Is Mia Yim?

Height: 5'7
From: Fontana, California
Billed: San Diego, California
Born: April 16th, 1989
Mia Yim, real name Stephanie Bell is a professional wrestler. Mia Yim started training to become a wrestler at the age of 18 while still attending college. She made her in ring debut Aug 22nd, 2009 and since then begin working in various independent circuits in the United States, from promotions including Shimmer Women Athletes, Shine Wrestling, Ring of Honor, IMPACT Wrestling, and more. (Read more)

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Xplosion Results – April 15th, 2016
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Jade vs Chelsea Green
Chelsea make her way to the ring, Jade is out next. They lock up and Jade pushes Chelsea back. Both knockouts with a various rest holds. Chelsea with an arm submission hold, Jade counters picking up Chelsea and slams her. Jade with chops in the corner before Chelsea returns the favor followed up with a monkey flip and a series of arm drags. Jade with a kick to the chest.


Back, Jade with a hair toss followed by a cover for a two. Jade with a surfboard submission. Chelsea with kick from the corner followed by a sunset flip for a two. Jade with a drop kick and covers for a two. Chelsea with a DDT to Jade. Jade goes for a package piledriver but Chelsea hits a series of clotheslines. Both knockouts are outside, Chelsea in the ring and hits a suicide dive followed by a missle drop kick from the top rope. Chelsea covers for a two count. Chelsea hits a top rope hurricanrana and covers for a two. Chelsea goes for a running bulldog but Jade counters and hits a package piledriver for the win.


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IMPACT Wrestling Results – April 12th, 2016
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Maria comes out to the ring and says she did such a great job making the Knockouts division great again that Donald Trump himself asked her how to make America great again. now she will bring out her new Knockouts Champion, Jade! Jade comes out and Maria says she’s done so much for the Knockouts division, and Jade was nothing without her, but now everyone knows her name. Now Jade owes her, so she should give Maria her Knockouts Title. Jade says she’s not giving her anything, and grabs the mic out of her hand. She tells Maria that she earned the title last week, and it’s not her fault Maria’s too afraid to get in the ring and put in the work. Maria can try and take the title if she wants, but she’s not going to just give it to her. Gail Kim comes out to the ring and says that even she never thought Maria would stoop so low. She wants all the power without doing any of the work, and she hasn’t forgotten about her rematch for the title, but just becauseMaria is the dog who barks the loudest doesn’t make her the boss, just the loudest bitch. Maria says there Gail goes being trashy again, because she is a lady, the First Lady of Professional Wrestling, and Jade and Gail are just dumb wrestlers, and all the Knockouts are just sheep. Rebel and Marti come out and tell Maria that they’re not sheep, they’re familia…a family that she broke up, but she guesses it worked out for Jade, or should she say champ. She says not to forget who got her where she is because this is still their house, the Dollhouse. Velvet Sky and Madison Rayne come out to join the party, and Velvet says this isn’t their house because she and Madison are OG Knockouts, and Maria doesn’t speak for them. Madison says Maria isn’t the boss of any of them, and everybody knows she is the Queen B of this division because she knows how to lead people. Velvet has a problem with that, but Maria says that all they need is a real leader, and she is that leader. Billy Corgan comes out to the top of the ramp, and Mariaasks if she can call him Bill, then says she listens to his music all the time and that he should be in the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame, but if he can just, you know, tell everyone she’s in charge of the Knockouts division. Billy says that management is fully aware of her machinations, and one of her proudest achievements is the Knockouts division. Jade isn’t handing that title to anybody, she’s defending it tonight against Madison Rayne. As far as who runs things, he thought he made it real clear to Maria that in-ring action is what makes things happen here, not her scheming and dreaming. With due respect, if they want to run things and be the leader, then next week there is one match, one winner, one leader of the Knockouts. Maria thanks Billy and says she’s sure she’ll be the leader, but whoever wins tonight between Jade and Madison, she will be the boss. Jade takes a shot at Maria, but she ducks and Jade hits Madison. A brawl between all the Knockouts breaks out as Maria slinks back up the ramp with a big smile on her face.


Knockouts Title Match: Jade vs Madison Rayne

Jade comes right out with kicks flying, but Madison ducks them and rolls Jade up for a number of 2 counts. Jade counters a crucifix to a Samoan drop for 2, then chokes Madison on the ropes. Jade almost knocks Madison’s teeth out with a running boot to the face, another kick to the chest, and a seated dragon sleeper. Jade with more stiff kicks, and a gutwrench suplex for 2. Madison catches Jade with an enziguiri out of nowhere, and both girls are down. They trade shots in the ring and Madison comes out on top and hits a horthern lights suplex for 2. Madison with a sliding clothesline, but a top rope crossbody meets nothing but air. Jade with a shotgun dropkick and the STO for the win.

Winner: Jade

Jade makes her first successful defense of the Knockouts Title in dominating fashion.

Read more: http://www.dailywrestlingnews.com/

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IMPACT BreakView: Revenge Fallout
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IMPACT Wrestling Results – April 5th, 2016
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Third Match: Gail Kim (c) vs. Jade vs. Madison Rayne in a Triple Threat Match for the TNA Knockouts Championship 

Gail and Madison exchange back and forth right hands to Jade. Jade with a boot the face of Madison. Madison with a rollup for a two count. Madison with a cradle roll up for a two count. Gail with a double clothesline to Madison and Jade. Jade with a german suplex to Gail. Madison and Jade exchange back and forth jabs. Jade and Madison knock each other with a double boot. Gail drops Madison and Jade with a double neck breaker. Gail with a hurricanrana to Jade. Jade with a suicide dive to Madison. Jade drops Gail with a back elbow. Jade presses Madison in the air and chokes her. Jade drops Madison with a dropkick. Gail goes for a flying crossbody, but Maria knocks Gail off the top rope. Jade with the STO to pickup the victory.

Winner: New TNA Knockouts Champion Jade 

Read more at http://www.wrestlezone.com/

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IMPACT Exclusive: Jade Is Ready To Take The Knockouts Title
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SouthSide WE: Stevenage Results – April 2nd, 2016
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Queen of SouthSide Championship 4 Way Match

Jade defeated Toni Storm, Nixon Newell, and Penelope to become the new Queen of SouthSide champion.

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PWS: Bombshell Results – March 26th, 2016
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IMG_20160324_235924 IMG_20160324_235918 IMG_20160324_235912 IMG_20160324_235859

*  Jade defeated Kimber Lee via Package Piledriver. It was said the be a excellent match from both competitors.

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IMPACT Wrestling Results – March 22nd, 2016
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Screenshot_2016-03-22-23-41-12-1 Screenshot_2016-03-22-23-39-49-1 Screenshot_2016-03-22-23-40-09-1 Screenshot_2016-03-22-23-40-21-1

Gail Kim, Maria Kanellis and Dollhouse In-Ring Segment:

Maria says that when she acts, things change. She loves wrestling, is the first lady of wrestling, but if she faces and beats Gail again nothing will change. She spoke with management, and asked for something. She brings out the Dollhouse. Maria says she sees so much potential in them, and says they are beautiful and powerful. They have had too many leaders, but it always failed, because they did not have a leader like her. She wants them to be unique individuals, and tells them to break up the Dollhouse and become women. Marti is not impressed by this and calls her out. Maria tells them to respect her, and what she has done. She says she went to management and is giving her title shot to one of them. So they will have to disband the Dollhouse and fight, because the winner receives her title shot and she will lead them to become stars.

Marti Bell vs. Jade vs. Rebel in a Triple Threat Match to Determine The Number One Contender to the TNA Knockouts Championship

Maria joins Josh and The Pope on commentary. The Dollhouse begin to argue in the ring. Jade and Bell shoves Rebel away. Jade and Bell drops Rebel with a double clothesline. Bell stomps on Rebel’s chest in the corner. Jade with a running knee to Rebel in the corner. Bell and Jade go for the pin and things breakdown between them. Rebel with forearms to Jade and Bell. Jade and Bell exchange separate pins to Rebel. Jade and Bell get Rebel in a double team Boston Crab.

Rebel with a double clothesline to Jade and Bell. Rebel with flying crossbody for a two count. Rebel drops Bell with a back breaker. Rebel connects with a roundhouse kick to Jade. Bell with a side russian leg sweep for a two count. Bell sends Jade to the corner. Jade with a running boot to Rebel in the corner. Jade with a snap mare and kicks Rebel in the back. Jade with a running boot for a two count. Jade with a chin lock. Jade with the Gut Wrench Suplex for a two count. Rebel with forearms to Jade. Bell connects with the Tower of Doom. Rebel rolls Bell up for a two count. Jade with a dropkick to Rebel and Marti. Jade drops Rebel with the STO. Jade connects with another STO on top of Rebel to pickup the victory.

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TNA’s Jade Talks About Her Plan To Take The Knockouts Champion...
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TNA Knockout Jade Talks Character development, and More With Spo...
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If you are impressed with the work of Jade every week on TNA’s Impact Wrestling, she is successful for one simple reason.

She put the work in.

“I started training in 2007, but didn’t have my first match until 2009,” said Jade, who wrestles as Mia Yim on the independent scene. “I wanted to wait until I was ready before I debuted. A lot of people, and girls especially, just go out when they’re not ready. Once I had my first match, I just fell in love with it.”

The 26-year-old earned a volleyball scholarship in college at Virginia Union University

“I would drive an hour or two hours during the off-season to train as a wrestler,” said Jade. “My last year of college was when I focused fully on wrestling.”

She grew up infatuated with wrestling, and unlike her family and friends, never grew out of that phase. She remains in love with the business.

“When I was growing up in California, I watched wrestling with my father and my sister,” said Jade. “It used to be a family thing, but then they grew out of it, and I never did. When I saw Chyna and Lita wrestle with the guys, and I wanted to be just like them. That’s the little seed that got planted in my head.”

She still wrestles for all-female independent groups like Shimmer and Shine, and is honored to use her Korean heritage in her character.

“I don’t mind playing someone who is Korean,” said Jade, who is half-Korean. “My mom loves the fact I’m Mia Yim on the independents. She’ll say, ‘If you need help learning more Korean, just let me know.’ And it’s really cool to see more all-female feds out there showing that we can wrestle more than one match.”

Jade credits Sara Del Ray, who is now one of the lead trainers at WWE’s Performance Center, as one of her strongest influences.

“I wrestled Sara in my second match,” said Jade. “We wrestled together a lot after that, and she’d always give me critiques, tips and advice. She’s helped me so much, and it was really nice to pick her brain at the beginning of my career and see her on a regular basis. I wrestled with her, Daizee Haze, Mercedes Martinez–and all of them aren’t wrestling any more. I am honored to have wrestled these women and receive advice from them, and they’re a big part of the reason why I am where I am.”

Jade worked as an enhancement talent for NXT in October of 2014, losing to current Diva’s champion Charlotte Flair.

“That match really taught me camera angles, and making each move mean something,” said Jade. “Charlotte was so nice and sweet. TV wrestling is so much different compared to independent wrestling. It’s all about getting used to a different style and focusing more on character, facials and mannerisms. That’s been the hardest part for me to adapt, so I’ve spent the last year-and-a-half working to perfect my craft.”

Jade’s sights are now narrowly set on TNA Knockouts champion Gail Kim.

“I don’t know any other Korean wrestlers other than Gail,” admitted Jade. “She’s done so much and been in the business so long and paved the way for me. She’s Korean, she’s beautiful, she works out hard and she’s showed me that I can do what she does. She inspires me every day.”

Since Awesome Kong’s sudden dismissal from TNA, Jade has taken on the unofficial role of leader of the Doll House with Rebel and Marti Bell. She has also wrestled in her first Lethal Lockdown match.

“It’s really cool they put their trust and faith in me, but we’re all leaders in the Doll House,” said Jade. “I’m just getting to showcase what I can do.”

Jade continues to work full-time, as she captures for the deaf and hard of hearing. She is thankful for all of her success, but even more grateful for the support.

“I want to thank TNA for believing in me, as well as the both the male and female locker room,” said Jade. “I definitely want to be Knockouts champion in 2016. The people who believe in me are the reason I do what I do, so thank you for all of the support.”

Source: Sports Illustrated

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