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 Who Is Mia Yim?

Height: 5'7
From: Fontana, California
Billed: San Diego, California
Born: April 16th, 1989
Mia Yim, real name Stephanie Bell is a professional wrestler. Mia Yim started training to become a wrestler at the age of 18 while still attending college. She made her in ring debut Aug 22nd, 2009 and since then begin working in various independent circuits in the United States, from promotions including Shimmer Women Athletes, Shine Wrestling, Ring of Honor, IMPACT Wrestling, and more. (Read more)

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Domestic violence can affect anyone. 1 in 4 women and 1 in 7 men will be a victim in their lifetime. Take the #PutTheNailinIt vow to end domestic violence and the silence surrounding it. Donate. Paint. Share. Join Mia Yim and Safe Horizon's in their efforts to provide support, prevent violence and promote justice for victims of crime and abuse, their families and communities.
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IMPACT Wrestling Results – November 11th, 2016
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Jeremy Borash, Gail Kim, Jade and Rosemary In-Ring Segment

JB talks about his experience with Gail Kim. JB introduces TNA Hall of Famer and Knockouts Champion, Gail Kim. JB says that there’s something wearing heavy on her heart that she wants to share with everybody. Gail thanks JB for being such a great friend over the years. Gail said that this business made her a better friend, performer and wife. It’s given her everything she’s ever wanted, so she thanks everybody for their support

All Gail ever hope for was to be the Knockouts Champion and hopefully inspire someone. Gail calls out Jade. It’s no secret that Gail feels that Jade is a important part to the future success of the Knockout’s Division. Gail sees alot of herself in Jade. The drive, the passion, the will to succeed. Gail believes in Jade. Gail says that Jade has everything it takes to be successful in this company.

Not only is Jade the future of the Knockout’s Division, but the future of Women’s Wrestling. It’s really important for Jade to be out here because Gail has been waiting for the right opportunity to make an announcement. Rosemary comes down to the ring with The Decay. Rosemary spits mist into Gail’s eyes. Rosemary drops Jade with a F5. Abyss chokes JB. Rosemary gets Gail in a guillotine choke. Crazy Steve keeps Jade away from Rosemary. Rosemary goes to the ground and pound attack on Jade. Abyss puts a garbage can afront of Jades face. Rosemary connects with the Coast to Coast.

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TNA One Night Only – September 16th, 2016
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Jade and Grado vs. Sienna and Eli Drake

Jade and Grado defeated Sienna and Drake after Jade hit Sienna with a Package Piledriver for the win.

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IMPACT Wrestling Results – September 15th, 2016
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#1 Contender’s Gauntlet Match: Jade vs Gail Kim vs Madison Rayne vs Allie vs Marti Bell vs Sienna vs Madison Rayne

Jade and Allie come out to start the match, but Maria tells Allie she’s not in this because she’s not a wrestler, so she’ll be replaced by Laurel Van Ass. Okay, then. Jade and Laurel trade shots, and Laurel actually gets the better of the exchange as Sienna enters at #3. The two of them work Jade over until Gail enters at #4 and evens the odds. She destroys both of Maria’s girls, but then Sienna takes Gail’s head off with a lariat and stomps her out in the corner. Marti Bell comes in at #5 and goes after Jade, and shoves Laurel Van Ass out of the way when she tries to help out. Raquel is in next at #6 and actually takes Sienna out with a flying headscissors and then dropkicks Laurel Van Ass and Marti. Sienna catches her with a big boot and shoulderblocks in the corner as Madison Rayne comes in at #7 and we go to commercial.

We’re back, and everyone is still in the ring. They all take turns hitting finishers on each other until Laurel Van Ass dumps Madison to score the first elimination. Jade slams Marti and goes to the top, but Marti knocks her to the apron and bicycle kicks her to the floor. Laurel Van Ass immediately dumps Marti, and Jade rams Marti into the ringpost for good measure. Raquel has a sleeper on Sienna, but Sienna powers out and dumps Raquel to the floor. We’re down to Sienna, Laurel Van Ass, and Gail. Sienna and Laurel go to fight each other, but Maria jumps up on the apron and yells at Sienna as Allie tries to climb up on the apron at Maria’s orders. She pulls herself up on the ropes…and lowers them enough that Gail is able to dump Laurel Van Ass, and we’re down to Gail and Sienna. Maria chews Allie out as Sienna dumps Gail to the apron, but Gail makes it back in, so Sienna goes back to stomping her guts out. Sienna goes for the AK-47, but Gail counters to a sunset flip for 2. Sienna boots Gail into next week and sets up for the Silencer, but Gail blocks and hits Eat DaFeet, then covers for the win.

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IMPACT Wrestling Results – September 8th, 2016
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Gail Kim & Jade vs Sienna & Allie

Sienna is chewing Allie out the entire way down to the ring while Allie has her sad puppy face on. Allie wants to start, but Sienna yanks her to their corner and orders her to get out. Gail jumps Sienna to start the match, and unloads with a flurry that has the former Knockouts Champion on the defensive. Allie tags herself in but quickly gets knocked to the floor where Sienna chews her out again, then tags herself in. Sienna catches Gail on a crossbody and suplexes her for 2. The crowd chants “we want Allie” as Sienna stomps Gail out, then shoves Allie out of the way when she tries to join in. Sienna hits a Samoan drop on Gail for 2, but Gail escapes the AK-47, hits a neckbreaker, and makes the hot tag to Jade. Allie tags herself in and goes for a double axhandle, but accidentally nails Sienna. Sienna responds by flattening Allie with the Silencer and lets Jade pin her.

Gail and Jade don’t look happy about what Sienna did, and help a confused Allie to her feet.

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IMPACT Wrestling Results – August 25th, 2016
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5-Way Knockouts Title Match- Sienna Vs. Jade Vs. Madison Rayne Vs. Marti Bell Vs. Allie

 First pinfall wins. Not an elimination match. Allie stands by tentatively while all 4 women battle. Former Dollhouse members Jade and Bell battle to the outside while Sienna gets the upper hand on Rayne. Sienna tries to get Allie to help her do a tandem move but Allie fails in her attempt. The leader of The knockouts, Maria arrives at ringside to watch the action. Any sequence in this match where Sienna tries to enlist Allie’s help. It backfires.


The finishing sequence sees a frantic finish where all 5 women are in the ring trading finishers.Allie even gets in an offensive move of her own. Jade hits a package piledriver on Rayne and lays her out. Bell breaks up the fall. Bell pulls out her baton and tries to use it. Allie takes it away and accidentally hits Sienna with it. Which knocks her out of the ring. Bell regains hold of her baton and goes to hit Allie with it. She knocks Allie down on top of a fallen Madison Rayne and Allie gets the 3 count on Rayne to win The Knockouts title.

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IMPACT Wrestling Results – August 18th, 2016
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Maria is backstage with Jade. She tells Jadethat if she doesn’t defeat Gail Kim tonight. She will never get another shot at The TNA Knockouts Title .


Jade vs Gail Kim

The stipulation put in place before the match is that the loser of this one will never challenge for the TNA Knockouts title again. Battle of friends being forced to face each other by “Knockouts Leader” Maria. Good back and forth action early on. Evenly matched with a fair share of counters and reversals. The action eventually spills to the outside. Gail Kim hits a variation of the 619 on Jade using the ring post. She follows that up trying to springboard off of the ropes onto Jade but is caught in mid air and Jade hits a gut buster. Both women struggle to get back on their feet and then into the ring. Action picks up after they both exchange strikes. Gail Kim hits a tilt a whirl head scissors, clothesline and senton that lead to a 2 count. She then climbs to the top rope and misses a cross body. After a martial arts kick by Jade on Kim. They both end up in a rolling small package that eventually rolls onto referee Earl Hebner. Both women struggle to their feet, Jade misses a kick. Gail counters with her finisher, Eat defeat. Just as she covers Jade for the potential victory. Sienna runs out and pulls Gail outside the ring. The referee calls for the bell and the disqualification. Sienna hits the AK 47 on Gail Kim on the outside floor. She then runs into the ring and hits the silencer on Jade.

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IMPACT Wrestling Results – August 11th, 2016
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Gail Kim defeated Marti Belle via roll up after fighting off Allie.

After the match Maria, Allie, and Marti attacked Gail which promoted Jade to make the save drop kicking Marti and hitting Allie with an forearm. Once Jade cleared the ring Maria announced Jade vs Gail Kim for next week IMPACT.

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This Popular Female Wrestler Is Shattering The Silence Around Th...
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For a professional wrestler, a headlock is a common maneuver inside the ring. But for TNA Total Impact’s Jade there was one headlock that felt particularly threatening. “When he finally let go, my then-boyfriend just left me there and I’m wondering what the hell just happened. Was he legitimately trying to hurt me? Because it was a headlock, and we’re both wrestlers, I justified it as maybe it was him trying to playfully end [the argument],” said Jade.

But this wasn’t the first time he put her in a headlock.

Jade had consensually wrestled her ex on numerous occasions. In fact, she prefers to wrestle both men and women. She wants women wrestlers to be seen as equals to their male counterparts. But it’s that pressure to break glass ceilings, and be seen as unbreakable, that contributed to her silence around her own abuse.

“Women athletes, CEOs, those in power, we feel this pressure to be a role model to other women, to be strong, that we don’t want to let them know our struggle. I didn’t want to be known as a ‘victim.’ I was also trying to get on TV, so if I tell my story, would this mess up my career?”

And so she stayed quiet for a long time. But behind closed doors, Jade says the abuse was escalating. “It got more and more regular that if I said something he didn’t like he would get violent. One time I was in bed and we had a disagreement, so he left the room but came back in to head-butt me. Then he started to choke me. In fact, whenever he didn’t like something I said, he would choke me. Soon down the line, I realized that his mindset was because I’m not hitting you, it’s ok. Because I’m not leaving a mark on you, it’s ok.”

But strangulation can be a significant predictor for future, often lethal violence. If a partner has strangled you in the past, your risk of being killed by them is seven times higher.Despite the violent abuse Jade says that she endured, some may see her as a contradiction. Many critics argue that professional wrestling promotes violence. And so how can Jade, a female wrestler, take a stand against domestic violence when she fights for a living?

For Jade, the answer centers on consent and safety. “We choose to get in the ring. We’re trained to keep ourselves and our opponents safe. But when someone brings it back home, that’s not wrestling anymore. That is not entertainment. That is just straight abuse.”

And experts caution against the “good victim” stereotype. Liz Roberts, deputy CEO of Safe Horizon, the nation’s largest organization dedicated to helping victims of domestic violence, states that the stereotype of a victim who has never initiated violence, is bruised and battered, and doesn’t fight back is dangerous because it “undermines the rights and safety of domestic violence survivors everywhere.”

Besides, Jade is a character.

The woman playing Jade, Stephanie Bell, only wanted empathy when she finally built the courage to disclose the horror she faced behind closed doors. “I just wish that, as wrestlers, when we claim that this is going on, that we’re not second-guessed, that we’re believed. The minute we mention it, it’s sensitive and we want some support.”

But she wasn’t always met with support. “His trainer, even some of our mutual friends thought I was exaggerating and making it up. When I filed the order of protection, his trainer tried to talk me out of it. He said that I was hurting my ex’s career because I have a bigger name.” Jade’s story is unique because so often the focus around domestic violence and professional wrestling comes when a male wrestler is the abuser. The voice of the survivor is rarely heard. Perhaps the most infamous case is that of Chris Benoit who, in 2007, murdered his wife and young son before taking his own life. It left such a dark cloud over World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) that they still often refuse to acknowledge Benoit as part of their history.

Today, wrestling companies seem to be taking swifter action when an arrest has been made. “We have a zero tolerance policy for domestic abuse. Upon arrest for such misconduct, our superstars are immediately suspended and should there be a conviction, that superstar… would be terminated,” Stephanie McMahon, chief brand officer of the WWE told The Washington Post. Under this policy, wrestling legend and active WWE announcer Jerry “The King” Lawler was immediately suspended in June after he and his girlfriend were arrested on domestic violence charges. Charges were later dropped.

At TNA, the policy is not as clearly defined, but they have also indefinitely suspended talent who have been arrested on domestic violence charges.

This all comes on the heels of what happened with the NFL and Ray Rice in 2014 when TMZ released disturbing footage of Mr. Rice punching and knocking out his then-fiancée. The NFL faced criticism for its response. Sports leagues now knew they had to update their policies to avoid negative press.

While Jade was happy that companies were now taking a strong stand against domestic violence, she also expressed disappointment that it took such an extreme incident to prompt the change. “If Ray Rice’s wife would have said something about it without the video, how many people would have said we need to change policies? How many people would have believed her? It took her getting knocked out on TV for society to care and actually believe a survivor.”However, Jade feels gratitude towards the company for which she wrestles. “TNA has always been supportive. My ex would work with TNA and once they found out I had the order of protection, they wouldn’t have him near me.”

In the locker room, what impacted Jade most were conversations with other female wrestlers. She viewed her female colleagues as strong, tough, and independent but she was shocked and saddened to learn that many others had also experienced abuse.

Jade found herself wanting to speak out, to give survivors everywhere — including herself and her friends — a voice. But she was afraid. Although she had an order of protection, she didn’t want to draw attention to herself and risk her ex trying to contact her.

And she found that way to speak out without attracting too much attention. She learned about Safe Horizon’s #PutTheNailinIt campaign which encourages all of us to paint our left ring fingernail purple to signify our vow to end domestic violence and the silence surrounding it. “I started getting more and more support from people who knew what the campaign meant or asked why my nail was painted. So, painting my nail became my secret way of telling the world ‘I’m a survivor.’ And, so, the #PutTheNailinIt campaign helped me a lot. For the first time in a long time I felt support from other people. Now, I want other survivors to know ‘I believe you.’ It’s ok to leave. It’s ok to speak out. It’s ok to seek help,” she said.

While the memories of Jade’s abuse are painful, she is no longer allowing the issue of domestic violence to thrive in silence.Have you taken the #PutTheNailinIt vow to end domestic violence?

Visit www.putthenailinit.org to learn how your vow can help victims become survivors.

Credit: Huff Post

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TNA World Cup 2016 results
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Match One

Jade defeated Madison, Sienna, and Rosemary via package puledriver to Rosemary for the win.

Match Two

Team Jeff Hardy (Jeff, Jade, Eddie Edwards, Jessie Godderz, and Robbie E) defeated Team Mike Bennett (Mike w/ Maria, Crazy Steve, Rosemary, Gordo, and EC3) via Jessie pinning Mike for the win.

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IMPACT Wrestling Results – July 21st, 2016
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Back in the ring is Allie with the Knockouts and she introduces The Knockouts leader, Maria. Maria apologizes to the knockouts for making them feel insecure and inferior. She then opens it up for questions from The Knockouts. Allie kisses up to Maria and asks Maria, How they can be more like her?…. Marti Bell and Jade start yelling at each other. Gail Kim takes the mic and states that even though she deserves a knockout title match. She realizes that Maria won’t give it to her. Gail then says Maria has faked her hand injury and has avoided facing her. The Knockouts champ, Sienna defends Maria. Maria calls Gail Kim selfish and that she should step aside for the other women. Maria tells Gail that if she wants another shot at the title, She has to beat every one of the knockouts in the ring. She also tells the knockouts that she is offering an additional bonus to any woman that beats Gail. Marti Bell and Jade get into a fight and battle to the outside. Madison Rayne attacks Gail Kim from behind. She grabs the mic and says she has to start looking out for herself as the segment ends

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