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Jade is backstage cutting a promo for Impact. She is interrupted by Abyss and Crazy Steve. They tell her that Rosemary will decay her. Jade asks where Rosemary is. The Decay tells her to go find Rosemary and motion to the top of the arena.. Back from the break. Jade is heading up the stairs to the rafters of The Impact Zone. Jade is calling out for Rosemary as she heads to the top of the stairs. Jade is now approaching Rosemary at the top of The Impact Zone. Rosemary is laughing at Jade. She calls Jade, Gail Kim’s chosen one. Rosemary starts going into a rant. Jade tells her that she doesn’t know or care what Rosemary is saying. She tells her that they will be facing each other for the vacated Knockouts Title. Rosemary tells Jade that she is darkness and chaos. Jade says that she is not scared of her. Rosemary points to the Six Sided ring below and suggests that they meet in a steel cage.


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