The Blasian Baddie

Height: 5’7
From: Fontana, California
Billed: San Diego, California
Born: April 16th, 1989
Mia Yim, real name Stephanie Bell is a professional wrestler. Mia Yim started training to become a wrestler at the age of 18 while still attending college. She made her in ring debut Aug 22nd, 2009 and since then begin working in various independent circuits in the United States, from promotions including Shimmer Women Athletes, Shine Wrestling, Ring of Honor, IMPACT Wrestling, and more. (Read more)

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 March 8th 2021













  WWE NXT Takeover: In Your House Results – June 7th, 2020 

Shotzi Blackheart, Tegan Nox, and Mia Yim vs. Dakota Kai, Raquel Gonzalez, and Candice LeRae

LeRae gets in the ring to start the match. Yim wants a piece of LeRae, so naturally, LeRae tags I n Gonzalez. Gonzalez almost suplexes Yim but Yim escapes. Nox tags in and gets run over by Gonzalez. Kai tags. Nox almost lands a chokeslam, but Kai escapes. Kai rolls up Nox. Nox kicks out. Nox sends Kai into the corner. Nox flattens Kai with her patented running cannonball. Blackheart tags in and eats a scorpion kick from Kai. Blackheart kicks out. LeRae misses a senton. LeRae gets knocked to the outside by Blackheart. Everyone lands a dive, capped off by a Molly Go Round off the top to the outside by Nox. Nox takes everyone out in the process.

Blackheart takes LeRae down with a meteora off the top. LeRae kicks out. Blackheart puts LeRae in cattle Mutilation. LeRae breaks up the submission with a boot to Blackhearts gut. Kai and Co take turns working over Blackheart. Blackheart manages to tag in Yim. Yim unloads on LeRae. Yim dragon suplexes LeRae for a near fall. LeRae counters Sole Food with a capture suplex. Nox tags in as Gonzalez does. Nox runs into a powerbomb by Gonzalez. Yim breaks up the pin. Gonzalez sends Yim to the outside. Yim and LeRae fight into the back. Back in the ring, Kai accidentally boots Gonzalez in the face. Nox chokeslams Kai. Blackheart (with an assist from Nox) lands Sliced Bread #2 on Gonzalez. Nox blasts Kai with the Shiniest Wizard for the win.

Winners- Shotzi Blackheart, Tegan Nox, and Mia Yim

North American Championship Match:  Keith Lee (c) vs. Johnny Gargano

Gargano puts the key to the In Your House door in his trunks. Gargano runs around trying to avoid Lee. Gargano tries a diver but Lee catches him. Lee tries to powerbomb Gargano but Gargano hops onto the apron. Superkick by Gargano. Gargano tries a senton off the apron. Lee catches Gargano again. Gargano pokes Lee in the eye. Gargano tries to kick the steps into Lee’s hand. Lee avoids it. Gargano tries to leave but the door to the In Your House set is locked. Lee slams Gargano’s head into the door. Grizzly Magnum by Lee. Lee tosses Gargano down the ramp. As Lee is getting into the ring, Gargano meets him with a stomp. Gargano tries to work over Lee’s previously injured hand. Lee punches Gargano with his bad hand. Lee clutches as his hand. Gargano stomps on Lee’s hand. Gargano traps Lee in the corner.

Gargano goes after Lee’s eye again. Gargano kicks Lee in the face. Gargano works over Lee. Gargano tries a spear but Lee clubs him out of the air.  Lee and Gargano trade strikes. Gargano arm Barr. Lee tries to power out of it but Gargano goes after Lee’s Injured hand. Lee powers through and powerbombs Gargano down to the mat. Gargano superkicks Lee. Lee slams Gargano. Gargano rolls out of the ring to avoid getting pinned. Gargano dives through the ropes and drops Lee with a DDT. Lee is out on the floor. Gargano can’t lift Lee back into the ring. The referee almost counts them both out but Gargano breaks the count. Gargano rolls back to the outside. Lee pounces Gargano through the plexiglass attached to the barricade. Gargano lands in the crowd.

Lee carries Gargano back to the ring. LeRae runs down to the ring but Yim is right behind her. Yim beats the crap out of LeRae. In the confusion, Gargano stabs Lee in the eye with the key. Gargano hits the slingshot DDT. Lee kicks out. Gargano kicks Lee in the head over and over again but Lee keeps kicking out. Lee grabs Gargano by the throat and hits the Spirit Bomb. Lee grabs Gargano and powerbombs him again. Lee finally puts Gargano down with the Big Bang Catastrophe for the win.

Winner and STILL North American Champion, Keith Lee!

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 March 8th 2021













  WWE NXT Results – June 3rd, 2020 

Mia Yim vs. Candice LeRae

LeRae gets in Yim’s face. As soon as the bell rings Yim runs over LeRae with a shoulder block. Spinal tap by Yim. LeRae rolls out to the apron. LeRae chokes Yim on the top rope. Yim pulls LeRae into the ring. LeRae lands a step-up senton. LeRae hits two more step-up sentons. LeRae works over Yim’s back. Yim trips LeRae into the corner. Yim crushes LeRae with a cannonball in the corner. LeRae beats Yim into the corner. Yim blast LeRae in the face with a stiff back elbow. LeRae falls to the outside. Yim wheelbarrows LeRae into the barricade. Yim and LeRae continue to fight outside. The referee counts both women out.

Double count-out

After the match, LeRae head scissors Yim into the ‘Tron. Tegan Nox pulls LeRae off of Yim. Dakota Kai and Raquel Gonzalaz attack Yim. Shotzi BlackHeart tries to make the save. Johnny Gargano and Keith Lee both hit the ring. It’s announced over the PA that William Regal has made this a mixed tag team match.

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 March 8th 2021













  WWE NXT Results – May 27th, 2020 

Johnny Gargano vs. Adrian Alanis

Gargano attacks Alanis after a handshake. Alanis fights back but walks right into a superkick by Gargano. Gargano puts Alanis in the Gargano escape. Alanis taps out.

Winner- Johnny Gargano

On the video screen, Mia Yim are having dinner together. Yim calls the Gargano’s fake like the ugly centerpiece. Yim grabs a flashlight and the Gargano-speak sound and screen effect turns on. Yim calls LeRae a useless Pixy who has been in NXT for 25 years with no titles to show for it. Lee asks Yim what the hell that was. Yim gives Lee the flashlight and tells him to do the same thing. Lee turns to the screen and says the only person Gargano has anything in common with is his action figures since they are the same height. Lee asks what’s for dinner.

Yim says she made what LeRae usually does… take out. The is a knock at the door and Tegan Nox delivers a half-eaten pizza. Yim says it’s not about the Gargano way it’s about making them pay.

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 March 8th 2021













  WWE NXT Results – May 20th, 2020 

Mia Yim vs. Santana Garrett

Yim and Garrett have a strike exchange that ends with a stalemate. Yim tries to shake Garrett’s hand but Garrett attacks. Garrett lands a handspring elbow in the corner. Yim responds with Kawada kicks followed by Protect Your Neck for the win.

Winner- Mia Yim

After the match, Johnny Gargano and Candice LeRae walk out on the ramp. Gargano mocks Yim’s theme song. LeRae says Yim lost to Flair because she is too busy being worried about the fans. Gargano says they are going to show Yim what happens in “their” NXT when someone gets an opportunity they don’t deserve. Gargano charges the ring but Yim kicks him in the head. LeRae and Yim fight. Gargano pulls down the rope as LeRae pushes Yim. Yim falls to the outside. Keith Lee makes the save. LeRae and Gargano runway.

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 March 8th 2021













  WWE NXT Results – April 29th, 2020 

Charlotte Flair vs. Mia Yim

Flair drives Yim into the corner. Clean break by Flair. Flair lights Yim up with a few chops. Flair rolls up Yim. Yim kicks out. Yim hits an overhead kick, followed by a cannonball in the corner. Flair kicks out. Flair lands a back elbow that staggers Yim. Flair sends Yim into the ropes, but Yim goes tranquillo and mocks Flair. Yim sends Flair to the outside. After the break, Flair stomps Yim as she tries to get back into the ring. Flair chokes Yim in the corner. Yim kicks Flair in the face, then locks in the tarantula.

The referee breaks up the hold. Flair and Yim trade strikes. Backbreaker by Flair. Yim pulls Flair off the top rope and lands the code blue. Flair kicks out. Flair locks Yim in the Boston crab. Yim escapes but eats a big boot. Yim kicks out. Flair tries the Figure-Eight but Yim counters with a small package. Flair kicks out. Yim sets up Protect Your Neck. Flair reverses it into the Figure-Eight for the win.

Winner- Charlotte Flair

After the match, Io Shirai walks out on the stage and tells Flair that next week, Flair belongs to her.

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