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 Who Is Mia Yim?

Height: 5'7
From: Fontana, California
Billed: San Diego, California
Born: April 16th, 1989
Mia Yim, real name Stephanie Bell is a professional wrestler. Mia Yim started training to become a wrestler at the age of 18 while still attending college. She made her in ring debut Aug 22nd, 2009 and since then begin working in various independent circuits in the United States, from promotions including Shimmer Women Athletes, Shine Wrestling, Ring of Honor, IMPACT Wrestling, and more. (Read more)

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IMPACT Wrestling Results – March 2nd, 2017
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Last Knockouts Standing Match For The Knockouts Championship
Rosemary (c) Vs. Jade

During Rosemary’s entrance. Jade wastes no time and heads directly to the ramp way to start brawling with Rosemary. When they get back to ringside. Jade gets into the ring and then leaps onto Rosemary with a suicide dive. Moments later, Jade attempts a package piledriver on Rosemary but it gets blocked. Both women go through reversals and counters until Jade hits Rosemary with two straight german suplexes. Referee Earl Hebner makes the matches first official standing 10 count. When Rosemary eventually rises to her feet. Jade knocks her to the outside with a missile dropkick. She then attempts another suicide dive but this time, Rosemary strikes her in mid-air with a forearm. Rosemary then introduces weapons into the match when she throws a trash can and kendo stick into the ring. Jade picks up the Kendo stick and attempts to strike Rosemary with it, but she is unsuccessful. Rosemary then roughs up Jade for a bit. She sets her near the ropes and gets Jade in a modified tarantula submission using the ring ropes. Rosemary then strikes Jade repeatedly with the steel trash can. Jade falls into the corner and Rosemary sets up the trash can next to her. The first five minutes of this match are in the video below.

Rosemary now leaps from corner to corner to hit The Van Daminator on Jade. Moments later , She tries to strike with the trash can. Jade battles back and starts striking Rosemary with the kendo stick . Shen then lands a punt kick on Rosemary. Jade follows that up by power bombing Rosemary onto the trash can. The standing count begins by Hebner and Rosemary makes it to her feet at the count of nine. Jade attempts to leap off the top rope but Rosemary spews her mist at her in mid-air.

With Jade now blinded from the mist. Rosemary hits The “Red Wedding” on her. Jade is able to beat the standing ten count, but when she gets to her feet. Rosemary lands a sharp elbow that sends her to the outside. Rosemary then picks up Jade and hits the Red Wedding again, this time on the ringside floor. Jade is once again counted down. This time, she gets back to her feet by using the ringpost. When Rosemary sees this, She charges at Jade, who moves out of the way and Rosemary ends up running into the ringpost instead. When Rosemary gets up, She attempts to retreat and head back into the ring. Jade stops her by spewing water into her face. She then grabs Rosemary and power bombs her onto the ring side steps. Rosemary is counted down but is able to get to her feet at the last second.

Jade now grabs Rosemary and they head to the stage area. Jade attempts to power bomb Rosemary there. Rosemary counters and spews her again with her mist. An exhausted Rosemary then hits The Red Wedding for a third time in the match. This time on the stage. Both women are down for the count. Rosemary makes it back up right before the count of 10 and secures the victory.

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IMPACT Wrestling Results – February 23rd, 2017
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Back in The Impact Zone, The former Knockouts Champ Jade is in the ring. She calls out Rosemary and says that the red vs blue feud is not over yet. Rosemary tells Jade that instead of trying to save the Knockout division from the darkness. That she should just save herself. Jade grabs the mic away from Rosemary and tells her that she is not done with her yet. That she risked it all in their cage match against each other, and now she is prepared to risk it all again, in a last knockouts standing match. Rosemary accepts Jade’s challenge. She offers to give her one more dance with the demon.

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IMPACT Wrestling Results – January 26th, 2017
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Rosemary (c) vs. Jade

Jade makes her way to the ring dressed in street clothes. Rosemary then makes her entrance to the ring. She is without The Decay and comes out to their new entrance theme. When Rosemary reaches ringside, Jade flies through the ropes and lands on her. They battle on the rampway, Jade misses a clothesline and gets hit with one instead by Rosemary. She then throws Jade and a trash can filled with weapons into the ring. Rosemary goes to work on Jade with the weapons. First a trash can lid and then a kendo stick. In between, Rosemary attempts to pin Jade for the victory to no avail. She then goes to the outside and gets a bag of tacks out from under the ring. She dispenses of the tacks onto the mat. Rosemary attempts to suplex Jade onto the tacks but she counters out of it. Jade hits a missile dropkick on Rosemary, that sends her crashing into the corner. She follows that up with a cannonball dive. Jade now takes off her belt and whips Rosemary with it. Shen then hits a crawling Rosemary with the kendo stick repeatedly. Jade starts playing to the crowd and pays for it, when Rosemary picks up the trash can and nails her. Rosemary now ascends to the top rope. Jade gets up and throws the trash can at Rosemary. This knocks her down to the mat. Jade then german suplexes Rosemary onto the thumbtacks. She then covers for a close pinfall. Jade now goes for the trash can lid. Rather than use it as a weapon, She ends up using it as a shield when Rosemary attempts to spew her with mist. Jade throws the lid at Rosemary and then kicks her in the head. She covers her for another 2 count. Jade goes outside the ring and brings a table into the ring. Rosemary has now recovered and greets Jade with a suplex, when she returns to the ring. Rosemary now goes under the ring and gets out a barb wired board. She attempts to hit Jade with the “Red Wedding” on top of it. Jade counters and pushes Rosemary on top of the barbed wire. Jade covers Rosemary but she kicks out. Jade now lays the barb wired board on top of Rosemary. She then hits a moonsault on top of the board smack into Rosemary’s body. It takes Rosemary a while to get out from under her predicament. While this is happening, Jade sets up a table in the center of the ring. She sets Rosemary on top of it, and heads to the top. She calls for a 450 splash. Rosemary gets off the table and meets Jade up top. Rosemary superplexes Jade through the table, and pins her for the victory.

After the match. Josh Mathews says that women’s wrestling has been taken to a whole new level in the last 6 or 7 months. No matter what particular night that the fans watch it on. Mathews says that tonight’s monster’s ball match just set a new bar for a new standard in women’s wrestling. Gail Kim heads inside the ring to check on an injured Jade. While she is tending to Jade. Rosemary slithers back inside the ring and spews purple mist into the eyes of Gail Kim. Gail writhes in pain in the ring, while Rosemary clutches her title and cackles on the outside.

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IMPACT Wrestling Results – January 12th, 2017
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TNA Knockouts Champion Rosemary makes her way to the ring. In a darkened arena, Rosemary cuts a promo about what she has done to The Knockouts division. She says that darkness has fallen on it and that The Decay has spread like a virus. Former Knockouts Champion Jade comes out to accept Rosemary’s invite. Rosemary ends up challenging Jade to a Monsters Ball match next week. Jade accepts the challenge and promises to get as sick and twisted as Rosemary is. Both women end up fighting when Rosemary attempts to attack Jade from behind. Jade goes for a package piledriver and Rosemary escapes from the ring.

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IMPACT Wrestling Results – December 1st, 2016
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Rosemary vs. Jade

Rosemary charges at Jade to start the match. They end up on the outside of the cage, because the cage door had not been shut yet. Rosemary grabs a trash can and throws it, and Jade back into the ring. Jade starts to fight back with a variation of different kicks. Knocks down Rosemary and then hits a gut wrench suplex. Goes for an early cover but Rosemary kicks out. Go to commercial

Back from the break, Jade is still in control. She hits a flying head scissors on Rosemary. She then goes back to kicking Rosemary repeatedly. Jade charges at Rosemary in the corner. Rosemary pretends to spew mist at her. Jade ducks and Rosemary hits with her a high knee. Rosemary then mounts Jade and grounds, and pounds her. Shen then connects with a lariat on Jade. Rosemary then tries to ram Jade’s head into the steel cage, but Jade battles back briefly before getting hit with another lariat by Rosemary. She then grabs Jade’s head and rakes her face against the steel cage. Rosemary continues to beat down Jade and even licks her. Jade attempts to rally, goes back to her kicks but Rosemary counters and suplexes her into the cage. Rosemary then grabs the trash can and sets it next to Jade’s head in the corner. Rosemary heads to the top rope.

Jade recovers and meets her up there. Jade ends up hitting a hurricanrana on Rosemary. She starts building up some momentum. Picks up Rosemary in a choke hold, rams her against the cage and then slams her down. Covers her for a 2 count. Rosemary and Jade are back on their feet. Rosemary counters Jade and hits a german suplex. They both end up climbing the cage together. Jade knocks Rosemary down. Then she heads to the top of the cage. Jade hits a flying cross body on Rosemary off the top of the steel cage. Jade covers Rosemary but she kicks out. Jade attempts to finish off Rosemary. She goes to the top rope to attempt a 450 splash. Rosemary rises and spews mist into Jade’s eyes. Rosemary then hits the “Red Wedding” on Jade and pins her.

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IMPACT Wrestling Results – November 17th, 2016
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Jade is backstage cutting a promo for Impact. She is interrupted by Abyss and Crazy Steve. They tell her that Rosemary will decay her. Jade asks where Rosemary is. The Decay tells her to go find Rosemary and motion to the top of the arena.. Back from the break. Jade is heading up the stairs to the rafters of The Impact Zone. Jade is calling out for Rosemary as she heads to the top of the stairs. Jade is now approaching Rosemary at the top of The Impact Zone. Rosemary is laughing at Jade. She calls Jade, Gail Kim’s chosen one. Rosemary starts going into a rant. Jade tells her that she doesn’t know or care what Rosemary is saying. She tells her that they will be facing each other for the vacated Knockouts Title. Rosemary tells Jade that she is darkness and chaos. Jade says that she is not scared of her. Rosemary points to the Six Sided ring below and suggests that they meet in a steel cage.


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IMPACT Wrestling Results – November 11th, 2016
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Jeremy Borash, Gail Kim, Jade and Rosemary In-Ring Segment

JB talks about his experience with Gail Kim. JB introduces TNA Hall of Famer and Knockouts Champion, Gail Kim. JB says that there’s something wearing heavy on her heart that she wants to share with everybody. Gail thanks JB for being such a great friend over the years. Gail said that this business made her a better friend, performer and wife. It’s given her everything she’s ever wanted, so she thanks everybody for their support

All Gail ever hope for was to be the Knockouts Champion and hopefully inspire someone. Gail calls out Jade. It’s no secret that Gail feels that Jade is a important part to the future success of the Knockout’s Division. Gail sees alot of herself in Jade. The drive, the passion, the will to succeed. Gail believes in Jade. Gail says that Jade has everything it takes to be successful in this company.

Not only is Jade the future of the Knockout’s Division, but the future of Women’s Wrestling. It’s really important for Jade to be out here because Gail has been waiting for the right opportunity to make an announcement. Rosemary comes down to the ring with The Decay. Rosemary spits mist into Gail’s eyes. Rosemary drops Jade with a F5. Abyss chokes JB. Rosemary gets Gail in a guillotine choke. Crazy Steve keeps Jade away from Rosemary. Rosemary goes to the ground and pound attack on Jade. Abyss puts a garbage can afront of Jades face. Rosemary connects with the Coast to Coast.

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TNA One Night Only – September 16th, 2016
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Jade and Grado vs. Sienna and Eli Drake

Jade and Grado defeated Sienna and Drake after Jade hit Sienna with a Package Piledriver for the win.

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IMPACT Wrestling Results – September 15th, 2016
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#1 Contender’s Gauntlet Match: Jade vs Gail Kim vs Madison Rayne vs Allie vs Marti Bell vs Sienna vs Madison Rayne

Jade and Allie come out to start the match, but Maria tells Allie she’s not in this because she’s not a wrestler, so she’ll be replaced by Laurel Van Ass. Okay, then. Jade and Laurel trade shots, and Laurel actually gets the better of the exchange as Sienna enters at #3. The two of them work Jade over until Gail enters at #4 and evens the odds. She destroys both of Maria’s girls, but then Sienna takes Gail’s head off with a lariat and stomps her out in the corner. Marti Bell comes in at #5 and goes after Jade, and shoves Laurel Van Ass out of the way when she tries to help out. Raquel is in next at #6 and actually takes Sienna out with a flying headscissors and then dropkicks Laurel Van Ass and Marti. Sienna catches her with a big boot and shoulderblocks in the corner as Madison Rayne comes in at #7 and we go to commercial.

We’re back, and everyone is still in the ring. They all take turns hitting finishers on each other until Laurel Van Ass dumps Madison to score the first elimination. Jade slams Marti and goes to the top, but Marti knocks her to the apron and bicycle kicks her to the floor. Laurel Van Ass immediately dumps Marti, and Jade rams Marti into the ringpost for good measure. Raquel has a sleeper on Sienna, but Sienna powers out and dumps Raquel to the floor. We’re down to Sienna, Laurel Van Ass, and Gail. Sienna and Laurel go to fight each other, but Maria jumps up on the apron and yells at Sienna as Allie tries to climb up on the apron at Maria’s orders. She pulls herself up on the ropes…and lowers them enough that Gail is able to dump Laurel Van Ass, and we’re down to Gail and Sienna. Maria chews Allie out as Sienna dumps Gail to the apron, but Gail makes it back in, so Sienna goes back to stomping her guts out. Sienna goes for the AK-47, but Gail counters to a sunset flip for 2. Sienna boots Gail into next week and sets up for the Silencer, but Gail blocks and hits Eat DaFeet, then covers for the win.

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IMPACT Wrestling Results – September 8th, 2016
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Gail Kim & Jade vs Sienna & Allie

Sienna is chewing Allie out the entire way down to the ring while Allie has her sad puppy face on. Allie wants to start, but Sienna yanks her to their corner and orders her to get out. Gail jumps Sienna to start the match, and unloads with a flurry that has the former Knockouts Champion on the defensive. Allie tags herself in but quickly gets knocked to the floor where Sienna chews her out again, then tags herself in. Sienna catches Gail on a crossbody and suplexes her for 2. The crowd chants “we want Allie” as Sienna stomps Gail out, then shoves Allie out of the way when she tries to join in. Sienna hits a Samoan drop on Gail for 2, but Gail escapes the AK-47, hits a neckbreaker, and makes the hot tag to Jade. Allie tags herself in and goes for a double axhandle, but accidentally nails Sienna. Sienna responds by flattening Allie with the Silencer and lets Jade pin her.

Gail and Jade don’t look happy about what Sienna did, and help a confused Allie to her feet.

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